The IFRA Cup rolled in to the home stomping grounds of DCAuto for Round 5 on the calendar. DC's affinity for Sebring proved true as he guided his Camaro to P1 on the grid. 

Series leader, Hef, bided his time after securing the 3rd position in quali. The #51Firebird whittled away combatants and found itself in victory lane. Pest Control put up a helluva fight, finishing just 2 seconds behind Hef for P2. DC took advantage of a late Ch1ps mistake to claim his second podium in as many weeks. 

Next Up: Indy Oval

1st -  HEF51
2nd - Pest Control
3rd - DCAuto
McLaren's were the talk of Prague as the Spec Cup roared through for Round 5. The #17 Bobbro entry took pole with a scintillating 1:42.7. His series rivals, Ch1ps and HEF, took P2 and P3, respectively.

Online porn giant and Prague native, Public Agent, put his camera away, amongst other things, to get the race green. Locals were expecting a calamitous affair and the race entrants did not disappoint. When the dust settled Bobbro reigned supreme over a huge pile of battered cars. Ch1ps overcame 3 pit stops to take 2nd. Coureur put in a career performance to take P3. Raven also put in a career performance and finished just off the podium in P4. 

Next Up: Spa

1st - Bobbro
2nd - Ch1ps N Queso
3rd - Coureur 

Season 4 of the IFRA will feature the Mazda MX-5 Cup and the BMW M3 DTM. The Spec Cup will be contested with the Mazda and the IFRA Cup will use the DTM. 

The Spec Cup will feature shorter track variants such as Yas Marina North/South, Bernese Alps Club, Catalunya National, Silverstone International/National, Sebring, and Prague Short. We will utilize a two-wide rolling start for race launch. 

The IFRA Cup will visit traditional GP circuits. We will utilize a standing start for race launch. 

Additional info, including proposed builds, can be found here
The world watched as the IFRA roared into the Nordschleife for Round 4 of the Spec Cup. Qualifying saw HEF take pole just ahead of Stan and Bobbro. 

At the back of the grid multiple drivers took damage when the lights went out. Grump's stalled Ferrari caused a chain reaction as Pest gave DC a hard thump to the rear. Qwikie debilitated his car as he tried to get by the damaged DC #7.

Up front the top 3 blasted through the forest with precision. Stan and Bob opted for early pits and jumped HEF in the process. Although Bob could practically reach out and touch Stan's exhaust he couldn't find a way past on the narrow roads. How close was it? When they crossed the finish line Bobbro was a mere .3 seconds behind Stan. HEF trailed off but managed a comfortable P3 en route to taking the overall Spec Cup lead. Ch1ps finished P4 and Geek finished P5. 

Up Next: Switch to the McLaren M23 at Prague Reverse

1st - Stanman911
2nd - oo Bobbro oo
3rd - HEF51
New series leader, HEF51, rocketed his Camaro to an early lead and never looked back. The absence of DJMaster55 annoyed Georgian fans as they were clamoring for a titanic IFRA Cup battle.  With future scheduling issues keeping DJ out of the final few events this could very well seal the IFRA Cup title for HEF. 

DCAuto put in a career performance with a solid P2 finish. After qualifying P3 he was able to put in consistent laps and stay out of trouble. 

Trouble did manage to find the rest of the field as drivers moved up and down the placings in exciting fashion. When the race was put to bed Pest Control settled into P3, just ahead of league rival, Ch1ps N Queso. Geek Hackers finished a solid P5. Federal Hercules was another driver to have a career finish, coming home in P6. 

Next Up: Sebring

1st - HEF51
2nd - DCAuto
 3rd - Pest Control 
The IFRA Cup contested Round 3 on the twists and turns of the Nurburgring GP circuit. DJMaster entered the event with a healthy 14 point lead over perennial podium finisher, HEF51. 

The two IFRA heavyweights showed their class in quali as they both took row 1 on the grid. DJMaster blistered the circuit with a 2:16.624 but couldn't best HEF's 2:16.602. Pest Control also got into the 2:16's and took P3. 

Hef used pole to his advantage and managed to hold the lead through the opening laps. DJ bided his time in 2nd and setup the pass through the first sector early in the race. Although he didn't run away with things after the pass, he did manage to slowly build a nice gap over his league rival. Ch1ps and Pest swapped quali positions as Pest had issues putting in consistent laps. 

DJ's (77 pts) win gives him a 19 point advantage over HEF and a 44 point advantage over Pest. With DJ having to miss the final two events of the season he needs to build a sizable advantage to claim the series title. 

1st - DJMaster55
2nd - HEF51
3rd - Ch1ps N Queso
Sun drenched Catalunya welcomed the IFRA to rural Barcelona for Round 3 of the Spec Cup. Championship leader, HEF51, struggled slightly during weekly testing and looked to have an uphill battle as he tried to hold off Bobbro and company. 

Quali proved the point as HEF took P3 behind series rivals, Ch1ps and Bobbro. Ch1ps edged out Bobbro for P1 and ultimate bragging rights. 

The race launch had plenty of excitement as the back of the grid battled for early position. MrMoose returned to the IFRA and immediately found trouble in a mishap with new pilot, DrumMonkey. Grumpalot gave his Ferrari a little too much gas and veered into the grass. Eyros misjudged the braking zone into turn 1 and slammed the backend of Geek. Multiple drivers required an early pit to repair damage.

Up front Ch1ps took his pole advantage out to an early lead over Bobbro and HEF. The #17 of Bobbro kept a watchful eye on Ch1ps for the early part of the race until a mechanical failure (shitty internet) forced his retirement. Ch1ps dialed his #6 Coca Cola car back a few notches and cruised home to P1. HEF overcame early damage and guided his car to a quality P2. Geek put his lap 1 pit behind him and plodded away to an impressive P3. Eyros finished just off the podium in P4 after a starting position of P7. 

The updated series tables has Ch1ps (64 pts) just edging out HEF (60 pts) for the catbird seat. Bobbro's (30 pts) mechanical drops him out of striking distance but keeps him in P3. 

1st - Ch1ps N Queso
2nd - HEF51
3rd - G33K Hack3rs
As the majority of the field fired up their Mustang for Sunday Night Racing, the defending IFRA Cup champion went a different direction and brought out his Firebird. Early speculation was that the heavy Pontiac was not well suited for the twists and turns of the Long Beach circuit, but the #55 Martini outfit proved the field wrong with a 14 second victory. 

HEF51 overcame an early accident to complete a solid race night with P2 on the podium. Ricker 
Racing driver, Pest Control, was another surprise as he managed to stay out of early trouble and bring his Camaro home in P3. IFRA rookie, Geek Hackers, put together an impressive 4th place run to go with his 6th place finish in the Spec Cup. 

With two wins in two races DJ sits on 52 and has opened a healthy 14 point lead over HEF. It's another 15 points back to Bobbro in P3. 

Next Up: Nurburgring GP

1st - TheDJMaster55
2nd - HEF51
3rd - Pest Control
New Spec Cup points leader, HEF51, steered his Ferrari to victory lane during an error filled Round 2 event at Silverstone. As drivers up and down the field lost control on the unforgiving rumbles, Mr. Bold Flavor managed to keep his cool as he took the pole, fast lap, and the top step on the podium. 

Fellow Ohioan, sometime Bahamian, Bobbro, showed improved form over Round 1 with a quality P2. Qwikie, one of four drivers to post a lap in the 1:55's, overcame a few slip ups to earn P3. Grumpalot23 stormed through the field and finished just off the podium in P4 after a poor quali showing that placed him 11th on the grid. 

Round 1 stars, Ch1ps and DJ, left feeling like they missed an opportunity after qualifying high and tumbling down the field. 

The series standings have HEF on 42 points, followed by Ch1ps with 37 and Bobbro at 30. 

Next Up: Catalunya

1st - HEF51
2nd - oo Bobbro oo
3rd - Qwikie
Yas Marina, the home of the highest per capita income in the world, not to mention the highest percentage of body covered by loose clothing, hosted the Season 3 Spec Cup opener. IFRA drivers will be using the 1976 Ferrari through the first four rounds, and the 1976 McClaren for the remaining four. 

Senor Queso earned pole position by a healthy margin as league members tried to come to grips with his space age tuning, not to mention his supreme skill. Quali pace transitioned to race pace en route to an 11 second victory. 2 thru 4 was hard fought all race as DJ, HEF, and Bob, finished within 1.5 seconds of each other. 

Ch1ps takes the early series lead on 27 points, with DJ and HEF right behind at 18 and 15, respectively. 

1st - Queso
2nd - DJ
3rd - HEF